Artist Expression with Tilt Brush

We recently were sharing demo’s of the HTC Vive and one of the demo’s everyone seemed to love was Tilt Brush, it was interesting to see people’s first time reactions to Tilt Brush. We had share some of our own demo’s that are in the works and got great feedback and wanted to share the rest of VR and Headsets experiences.

We had local LA graff artist that created a experience in Tilt Brush and it was interesting to see a artist go thru the medium and and express a art style, it was the artist first time experiencing the HTC Vive and Tilt Brush and we wanted to the artist to take his time and learn how to create within it. We were able to capture and create a animated gif of the artists work (Parental Discretion is Advised)

New Sketch_00New Sketch_03

New Sketch_02

Computer Graphics and Computing has come a long way and to be able to have any artist be able to fully express themselves in 3d space and VR interaction has changed the medium and alot of new ways. We look forward to seeing more artist express there own art style and creativity with the medium.

(Disclaimer: The art piece shown is content created on the  artist discretion and is not related to or reflection of end product of HTC Vive or Tilt Brush software.)


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