Star Wars: The Force Awakens Experience


Over the weekend we got a chance to check Target’s Star Wars Galactic Experience Downtown Los Angeles at LA Live with a exhibits from various artist, toys and hands on experiences.





While roaming around and taking a look at things, we went ahead and captured some 360° Video and 360° Photos to share for Star Wars Fans.




With the Anticipation of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film coming out later this week, everyone is eager to see the next edition to the Star Wars Saga.


Director JJ Abrams is directing the latest Star Wars film this go around and has the Cinematic skills and Chops to pull thru, we are eager to see this next edition master piece.



With the team, we have been extremely focused on 360° Video and Filming and loved seeing the camera rig used in the Star Wars Film and taking note on ideas for filming for 360° Video and VR (Virutal Reality)

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