Recommended Apps and Games for Samsung Gear VR

Expecting to purchase or already have the latest Samsung Gear VR? This Black Friday November 27th, 2015 Best Buy and other online retailers are expected to have the latest edition of the Samsung Gear VR for $99 dollars. Being one of the most expected holiday gifts to have, there is alot of new adventure for those who have not yet experienced VR.


We have put together a recommend list for first time users into VR space to help develop the comfortability and fun while experiencing VR for the first time.

Being VR developers ourselves, we strive to give users a ease of use into VR for those who have not yet experienced VR or is a seasoned Veteran that would like to come back to certain apps and share with friends. The list we put together are apps and games that we believe will have potential growth in the future for certain spaces and will see additional expansion in these areas. Check out our recommended list of games and apps.

Starting with first VR Experience:

  • Samsung Gear VR Introduction to VR
  • Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana
  • Battle for Avengers Tower

When ready to start playing games we recommend:

Bazaar, Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head, Orbix Media Player created by Otoy, Esper 2, Dark Net (One of the original featured games in the Oculus Store), Caldera, James Legacy, Rocket Toss, Hero Bound.




Your are in for a treat of the potential of future VR will be like, Obrx Media Player was created by Otoy and they have some phenomenal eye candy to check out.










List of Must Haves for 360 Video and Video Content:

Samsung Milk VR, Next VR, Netflix, Vrideo.





There are many more experiences to choose from the Oculus Store, but the above mentioned is just a starter and the adventure in VR has just begun.

We would love to hear you feedback, post comments, questions below. Be sure to follow us on twitter and checkout and subscribe to our youtube channel.


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