Behind the Scenes Look – Filming 360° Video of Korean Bell of Friendship

We recently went on a location to film 360° Video Content at the Korean Bell of Friendship in San Pedro, CA. The location is a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean atop a hill in San Pedro, CA . The bell was presented by the Republic of Korea to the American people to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States and to symbolize friendship between the two nations. The effort was coordinated by Philip Ahn, a Korean American actor. It was dedicated on October 3, 1976, and declared Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 187 in 1978.

Over the weekend, the community honored the Victims in France by ringing the Korean Bell of Friendship 9 times and moment of silence was given to the victims.

360° Video was created of the event to share the experience and record a moment of history, Illustrated below is some of the photos of behind the scenes look of filming 360 video and location. The 360 Fly camera was used to capture a bit of higher quality content and has been uploaded to youtube 360 video. You can experience the event with youtube 360 and Google Cardboard which now supports Android and iPhone smartphones.




View 360° video on Desktop browser or mobile phone, for further experience use google cardboard.




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For more information about the Korean Bell of Friendship check out:

Wikipedia – Korean Bell of Friendship –

Angel’s Gate Recreation Center –


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