My First VR Experience

In 1994 at a Chicago Comic Con, there was a line for two machines… the Virtual CS1000 System and I remember specifically walking around the Comic Con and a rep stopping me to try out a game on the system.

I had never played a true Virtual Reality Game/Simulation up to this point, but remembering being told about the game about to be played. The game was a two player match up FPS (First Person Shooter) and the object of the game was to take out the other person using a single controller.

Virtuality CS 1000


Remembering winning the first round and awaiting another challenger, I decided to explore around in this 3d virtual space as much as I could with the limited time. While roaming around I noticed there was a green Pterodactyl flying around and there were stairs leading to it, by the time I had arrived at the top of the stairs the other player had spawned in and began firing at me, I took a leap guessing the player would die and began riding on top of the Pterodactyl and eliminated the other player.

Why such a memory you ask? This particular experience had a lasting impression on where VR currently was at the time and where it could go.

Graphics for this game at the time reminded me of Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (I want my MTV music video)

14 years later into the future… Oculus Rift was born and achieves a level of attention and technical effort unseen in VR and happy to be a content creator for it.


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